Metric Thread Insert

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Seal-lock is a stronger, simpler and more cost-effective thread repair solution that has been specially designed to ensure ease of use and a long-lasting repair. Inserts can be installed using only a nut, bolt and spanner and there is no tapping required.

The insert taper creates a crush, so it cannot back out, with the zinc and cadmium coating provides excellent protection against corrosion, making it ideal for any application, including salt water applications. Vibration and pressure proof, the internal thread is practically indestructible. As an example, if you screwed a high tensile bolt into the insert and torqued it up to 60ft.lbs, you will find the thread on the bolt will be totally destroyed, though a fresh bolt will screw straight back into the insert, which will not be affected. This makes Seal-Lock a much more permanent solution than available alternatives.

The 60 Rockwell case hardened steel insert has a leading cutting and tapping edge which ensures installation is effortless and can cut into steel, copper, brass, cast alloys and more with ease.

One of Seal-lock's most important features is that it is incredibly fast – thread repair inserts can be installed in less than two minutes, which is practically unheard of in any industry. The best way to understand is to see for yourself.